• Instructor, Mechanical Design with CAD and Machining Laboratory (lectures and laboratory), Nazarbayev University Robotics and Mechatronics Department

  • As an Instructor of Mechanical Design with CAD and Machining Laboratory, I effectively delivered comprehensive lectures and practical laboratory sessions, primarily based on the principles and applications outlined in Shigley's "Mechanical Engineering Design." My role encompassed developing detailed lesson plans, conducting engaging lectures, and supervising hands-on laboratory work. I emphasized the integration of theoretical knowledge with practical skills in CAD and machining, fostering a deep understanding of mechanical design principles among students. Additionally, I was responsible for evaluating student performance, providing constructive feedback, and adapting teaching methodologies to meet diverse learning needs. My expertise in mechanical engineering concepts, combined with a strong focus on applied learning, equipped students with essential skills for their future careers in the field.

  • Instructor, Linear Control Theory with Laboratory (laboratory part), Nazarbayev University Robotics and Mechatronics Department

  • I specialized in guiding students through hands-on experiments and practical applications of theoretical concepts. My responsibilities included preparing and overseeing laboratory sessions that complemented the Linear Control Theory curriculum. I focused on demonstrating the real-world implications of control systems, ensuring that students gained practical experience in implementing and analyzing linear control models. Through my guidance, students developed proficiency in using laboratory equipment, conducting experiments, and interpreting data to understand control system behavior.

  • Teaching assistant, Nazarbayev University Foundation Program

  • As a Teaching Assistant for the Foundation Program, I specialized in guiding students through physics experiments. My role was instrumental in demonstrating and explaining fundamental physics concepts through practical experiments. I was responsible for assisting in the setup and execution of experiments, ensuring that they aligned with the educational objectives of the foundation program. My duties also included mentoring students during lab sessions, providing them with hands-on experience, and clarifying theoretical principles as applied in real-world scenarios. I played a vital role in maintaining a safe and productive lab environment, troubleshooting experimental setups, and helping students interpret and analyze their results.